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The beauty that is Angora Lake. Definitely can’t wait to come back here for some water soloing and cliff jumping! #tahoe


Hot days = more night climbing #tahoe



Dynamic moves by Kyle R. on Atlas V5 in Yosemite National Park

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A rare photo of @wonderso not crushing some climbing problem

The beautiful approach to Campfire ArΓͺte

Another selfie with my girl, Mother Nature

Getting lost is just part of the adventure

7/11: This day last year was the last time I saw my dear friend. It’s seriously crazy how quickly things can change in a matter of hours. You go to bed believing all is well, then wake up to a goodbye text. Anger, denial, and confusion are the first feelings to come. Pain comes later, and stays much later. Please, cherish the people around you even if they look like they’re okay. And appreciate those who have given their lives and time to serve our country. A few months of deployment can do a lifetime of damage. Though there are lots of things that should change about the system, the best we can do now is offer support to our veterans. And veterans, please reach out. Things can get better only if you let it.

Unwasted Youth

The coolest/cutest hand made pop up card + a Firestone quad to add to my aging collection. I’m a happy 23 year old. 🐢❀️😽🍻😍

Bouldering: Free gun show under the trees

Kyle hitting the ledge on Atlantis V6 in Yosemite, and Valerie getting sexy for a flash lol πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

Pitching a tent like a pro

Down turn for what! πŸ˜‰ (at City Beach Rock Club)

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